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  • Discover the timeless charm of our Oishika Classic CTC Tea. This exquisite blend represents the heart and soul of traditional tea craftsmanship, bringing you a taste that embodies centuries of tea-making mastery.

    Oishika Classic CTC Tea

      • Traditional Elegance: Our Classic CTC Tea is a tribute to the rich tradition of tea cultivation and processing. It reflects the essence of time-honored tea-making techniques passed down through generations.

      • 🌱 Pure and Unadulterated: We pride ourselves on crafting CTC tea in its purest form. No artificial additives or flavors are added, ensuring an authentic tea-drinking experience.

      • 🍃 Robust and Full-Bodied: The Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method used in crafting this tea yields a robust, full-bodied infusion with a hearty, satisfying character. It's a tea for those who appreciate bold flavor.

      • 🌞 Aromatic Bliss: The leaves release a captivating aroma as they steep, promising an enchanting and aromatic cup of tea.


        🍂 Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you prefer your tea plain, with a dash of milk, or a drizzle of honey, Oishika Classic CTC Tea adapts to your preferences with grace.

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