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Who We Are

Our Story

Imagine you are away from your home and it’s been a long time since you have not
tasted your homemade food and you get this within the weekend. Or you are making
something in your home and you started earning by selling your handmade products and become financially independent. So here we are, P4Pasal, revolutionizing the cottage industry by selling your skills throughout the globe.


Our Vision

We will empower the cottage industry from the furthest corner of India specifically
the Northeast part of India which is a world of its own with untouched natural beauty,
spices unknown to our taste buds, art forms unseen by most of us.

Our missions

  • Trying to bring a piece of your home from the most remote parts of India like in the forms of granny-made pickles made with spices only found in west Sikkim, ghee made out of yak milk, your favorite shawl is woven only in villages of Nagaland, Dalle achaar is made of Dalle chilly found in Darjeeling, etc.

  • To try to preserve these amazing crafts by empowering the people who know these crafts with knowledge in form of better education and money- to encourage them to continue this trade. For doing these, we need your help which will ensure that the whole world will get to know and enjoy these bountiful gifts.

  • P4pasal, established in 2022, is not only an e-commerce platform but also a way for
    people to stay connected with their roots and serve those who want to sell their
    handcrafted products globally. This e-platform has its roots in the small northeastern city of Siliguri.

  • Like every other e-commerce, P4Pasal is also obligatory to give back to the
    community because without them no e-commerce would exist. “P” stands for peoples, and the word "pasal" is a Nepali word meaning "shop". This "open for all platforms" can be a boon for those rural talents; here only thing that matters is your talent & skillset. We will help you to start your own business and give you a much-needed boost to make it big.

  • P4Pasal team has created their website. Any individual can register their account
    with P4Pasal. If any person wants to join as a seller then she/he can send their product photo and product details and the team will upload that photo to the website. And that person will be given a membership form. And as a buyer, anyone can easily access the site for shopping. Then anyone can share links to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. On purchasing, P4Pasal will be in charge of logistics and online payments.


How P4Pasal started
  • P4Pasal started his journey in May 2021 from Siliguri. Our motto to start this startup is to empower the cottage industry in India and to make those skillful persons financially independent.

  • We have a short story which prompted us to create P4Pasal, the P4Pasal team
    which was just another group friends then had a long unplanned trip along the mountain ranges and villages surrounding them in the Northeast remote part of India, we are amazed to see plenty of people in those regions trying to earn money by using talents and skills which were pretty uncommon to us as they were not professionally trained. We had a small conversation with Sheetal Lepcha, who is staying in a remote area in Darjeeling, is a skilled person who can make Dalle Khursani pickle, titora, churpi and she doesn’t have much exposure to sell her products, and her neighbor Akash Gurung, who is working in IT sector in Bangalore wants to have the taste of homemade food and
    Sheetal has to send him the Dalle Khursani, in this situation P4Pasal will connect them so that she can concentrate fully on her skill and Akash can have the taste of homemade food and Sheetal is also able to be independent financially.

  • It was in May 2022, that the decision was made to start their own venture. We
    realized that why not do something for those persons like Sheetal who have the skill to make beautiful handicraft items.

    P4Pasal is live
  • P4pasal is now live. Plenty of people are shopping from the website and have many vendors as well. P4Pasal promotes its product. They are supervising logistics and online payment very well.

  • Now, P4Pasal is trying to be their level best but there is a lot of struggle behind all these. They continue working on their idea, change business models whenever required and grab the opportunity they got.

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