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Oishika Tea: Sip the Strength, Savor the Serenity – Assam's Authentic Aroma Awaits!

Updated: Apr 2

Advantages of Drinking CTC Tea:

Embark on an exquisite expedition with Oishika Tea, where every cup brews a bounty of benefits, derived directly from the heart of Assam's verdant valleys. CTC tea, with its Crush, Tear, and Curl technique, not only ensures a deeper, more robust flavor but also boasts a blend of healthful harmonies:

1. Energizing Essence: Jumpstart your day with the vibrant vigor of CTC tea, a natural source of caffeine that awakens your senses and energizes your spirit.

2.     Antioxidant Abundance: Imbibe in the infusion of antioxidants, guarding your glow against the grit and grind of daily life, and bolstering your body's defense against the onslaught of oxidative stress.

3.     Heartfelt Health: Sip your way to a healthier heart, as CTC tea gently guides your journey towards improved cardiovascular care, thanks to its potential in managing blood pressure levels and cholesterol.

4.     Digestive Delight: Allow each sip to soothe your system, as CTC tea contributes to a comforting digestive process, easing your esophagus and pleasing your palate.

Brewing Instructions:

To ensure your cup of Oishika Tea captures the captivating charm of Assam, follow these flashing, fuss-free steps for a flawless brew:

1.       Boiling Basics: Begin with fresh, cold water, bringing it to a rolling boil. Rem0ember, the water's warmth weaves the magic in your mug!

2.      Tea Tonic Measurement: For every cup, spoon a heaping teaspoon (2 grams) of Oishika Tea into your teapot or infuser, inviting the impeccable intensity of India into your teacup.

3.      Steeping Splendor: Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves, letting the liaison of leaf and liquid last for 3-5 minutes. The patience you portray promises a potion of perfection.

4.      Strain and Serve: Separate the spent leaves from the sumptuous brew, pouring the pure, piquant tea into your favorite cup.

5.      Customize Your Cup: Whether you relish your tea robust and regal or mild and mellow, adjust the steeping time to suit your style. Sweeten with a swirl of sugar, a splash of milk, or a slice of lemon for that personalized pleasure.

Embrace the effervescence of Oishika Tea, where every sip is a story steeped in the splendor of Assam. Let the legacy of the land lavish your life with its lush, lively liquor.

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